Hi! I am passionate about illustrating, sculpting, and painting, giving form to ethereal whisperings of the heart. Helping you anchor and integrate transformation and wisdom in your life. My current artwork is aimed within to illuminate and identify your real direct experience of the divine.
I want to inspire you to listen to the voice of your heart and find your own path... the only true path.
My journey to the creation of my current project - True North-Spirit Compass - started in my teens where my love for art, fairytale, and myth set the scene. Now 25 years later, a burning desire to create a life of Love, has taken me from the jungles of Peru to the foothills of the Himalayas to the deserts of North America and deep into my subconscious. It has been enriching, depleting, sickening, blissful, lonely, and connected. 
I see Angels socked in tears
Grace... They bless me,
My path is clear, The pain is real
Courage... Illuminate, I`m still afraid
Let me be clear, 
Trust... Your ancient heart, to share your light 
I realized long ago, the answers I was looking for could only be found within, through direct experience. - True North - is designed to highlight your own direct experience for you to trust that you have everything you need within. I wish to offer you the confidence to explore the mystery of Being.
  I am an artist from Denmark. Mainly self-taught, and have worked in many different mediums: painting, photography, textile design, sculpting, dollmaking, jewelry, but always with a special love for illustration.
Reality is a magical, unexplainable fairytale. This inspires me 
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